The EMV liability shift is now here! The Retail Solution 12.0 has integrated EMV support for Mercury's platform. This allows you to incorporate EMV PINpad devices that also support Apple Pay, Google Wallet and other NFC mobile payment solutions.
EMV Questions & Answers...    
What is EMV?

EMV stands for “Europay, MasterCard, Visa.” It is used to refer to a global standard for credit and debit payment cards with embedded microchips also known as “Smart Cards”. The microchip stores the information needed to process a payment with the card, in a more secure format than a magnetic-stripe payment card.

What does EMV mean for my merchant account?

In order to execute a payment, a chip card must connect to a chip reader in an EMV acceptance terminal. If you are not using such a device for card processing by the October 2015 deadline, you will assume all liability for fraudulent purchases.

How can I switch to Mercury's new platform?

The Retail Solution 12.0 now has integrated support for Mercury's PDCX platform.  If you are currently using Mercury as your credit card processing company, simply ask your Mercury account rep to switch your account to the new PDCX platform.  If you are not sure how to contact your Mercury representative, or you currently do not have a Mercury account, give Carol Clark a call and she will point you in the right direction. (503) 661-6668

Can I use my current PIN pad?

No.  A new Pin pad is needed to communicate with the embedded microchip now found on just about all credit cards.  Also, the new Pin pads encrypt all card data on the device and the data is then directly sent to Mercury for processing. Your point-of-sale software will no longer receive ANY card data. 

What EMV ready PINpad do you recommend?

We recommend Verifone’s VX-805 Contactless PINpad. It supports smartcards, swipe, wireless, Apple Pay, Google Wallet and other NFC mobile payment options.  At $225 (including a USB cable & injected with three different encryptions) the VX-805 is a very cost-effective solution.  To order, please call: (503) 661-6668

What version of The Retail Solution do I need?

You must have The Retail Solution 12.0 (build 10) or greater to support Mercury’s new PDCX platform. If you have version 12.0 and are currently under our technical support plan, you can download the current version at no additional charge. To upgrade or purchase technical support, please contact our sales department at (503) 661-6668. 

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