Integrated 24X7 Video Surveillance with Search Cues
bullet Each TRS Video Agent can support up to six different Windows or IP-based cameras running 24X7 simultaneously.
bullet Integrated technology makes setting up an IP camera a lot easier.
bullet To conserve disk space, each camera can be set to start recording when motion is detected. 
bullet Option to include the date and time stamp on video.


bullet During each point-of-sale transaction, the PowerStation is also sending key activities (Search Cues) to the Video Agent. Rather than having to watch hours of video the Search Cues allow you to queue up video snippets based on user-definable conditions. For example: Quickly watch video of each time a cash drawer is opened by a specific user, all cash transactions over $20, cash drops, price changes by a specific user or all void transactions within a preset date range.


bullet Highlight a specific video cue to start viewing that section.  
bullet One or more marked video cues can be combined into one exported video.
bullet Unlimited still shots can be taken from any video cue and easily exported.

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