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The Retail Solution 12.0

New General Features

bullet Windows 7 & 8 compatible!
bullet Latest mandatory credit card PCI/DSS updates.
bullet New updated interactive PDF manual with hyperlinks. Just click the links in the Table of Contents, Index, or cross-references ("see p. 24") to jump to that page!
bullet Automatic backups. The new ďTRS Backup AgentĒ makes daily, Internet-based, full backups of your TRS data. In the rare event of a complete hard drive or system crash the Backup Agent makes getting back up very easy. On a new hard drive/server, simply reinstall The Retail Solution, start TRS Backup Agent and click ďInstall Last BackupĒ. 
bullet Larger screens, buttons and enhanced screen display.
bullet Enhanced network support.
bullet Company information rollback feature. Easily roll back Company Information to a specific date. 

New Inventory Control Features

bullet Each inventory item can have two sets of sales dates/prices. 
bullet GMROI (Gross Margin Return On Inventory Investment) is displayed for each item.
bullet Items can now have up to a 20 digit serial number.
bullet Each item can how have up to ten barcodes.
bullet There are now three levels of discontinued items.
bullet The matrix generator now allows for a plus/minus charge for specific sizes.
bullet Each item can now be assigned two different user-definable groups.
bullet Optional web-based auto description lookup using just the UPC or ISBN number when adding new items. 
bullet Optional web-based item picture search. 
bullet Optimized price margins. Define target and minimum margin values for each department and price level. Warnings are displayed when item price changes do not maintain the preset margins.
bullet User-definable inventory data profiles. Unique headers/data types for each department. For example, one set of user-definable data for all your "toy" items and a different set of information for all your "clothing" items.
bullet Markdown Tracking. Whenever an itemís price is permanently reduced, TRS will automatically track the extended amount as a markdown. For example, if you reduce a shirtís price from $10 to $9 and you have two shirts on hand, the change is recorded as a $2 markdown. Reports of all markdowns can be created using The Report Writer.
bullet Inventory picture import. Data Import Wizard now allows you to easily import item pictures.
bullet Master Order. Set a maximum dollar amount to be spent on all orders and Master Order will make a prioritized recommendation. View sales history by month for each item.
bullet Enhanced consignment features. View status of all active consignments on one screen. Easily view and replace all needed consignment items on one screen. Easily pay all consignment vendors.
bullet Global Update: More columns including a GMROI (Gross Margin Return On Inventory Investment) calculation have been added. Column widths are now automatically sized. The "Other Lookup" field has been added as an optional condition. New Right-Click options: Search a column, quickly find the itemís picture online, or highlight a row for reference.
bullet Create Order: Multiple open orders can now be created per vendor. Displays vendor information including vendor notes. Easily change an order to a different vendor. When given a maximum order amount, the auto order recommendation feature will optimize an order up to that amount. Track optional notes per order. Option to view all three item description lines. Paste items to order from the Windows clipboard. When using Multi-Site, view an ordered itemís quantity-on-hand at other locations.
bullet TRS Tablet is a new program for creating orders, receiving orders and counting your inventory. Itís optimized to run on a Windows-based tablet PC.
bullet Progressive Discounts. Customers can be assigned progressive discount levels that depend on the amount of total purchases over a period of months. The system automatically calculates and applies the discount levels. The Report Writer can be used to create a report of all Progressive Discount changes.

New Point-of-Sales Features

bullet Faster Login! Users can now login using just a four-digit pin number.
bullet Support for integrated electronic signature capture. Credit card sales, work orders, rentals, layaways, deliveries & quotes can now all be signed using an electronic signature device. Customer signatures will be stored on file and can be printed during the transaction. The signature device can be easily configured with user-definable text and/or graphics.
bullet Completely redesigned Special Order feature. Optional percent discount. Easily add comments to each item. Easily substitute items if necessary. Deposit tracking helps maintain a 50% deposit as special orders are partially filled. Additional security feature can easily be activated on any order requiring a pin number to be used when receiving items. Multi-Site: Special Orders can be synchronized between stores. Items can be ordered and a deposit taken at one store, then picked up at another. User-Definable reports can be created in The Report Writer to reconcile deposits and employee commissions between stores.
bullet Support for No penny (Canadian rounding). Sales are automatically rounded to the nearest nickel for all cash transactions. The rounded amount is recorded for correct balancing during the "Close Drawer" procedure.
bullet Return verification option. The Retail Solution can now verify that an item has been sold within a preset number of days. You will also be notified if it was sold for less than the current return amount. During a return the clerk will now also be asked if the item(s) are damaged can be returned to stock. User-definable reports of damaged item information can be created using the Report Writer.
bullet Smart comments. Point of sale comment lines are now automatically linked to the item above and will stay with the item even if the ticket is sorted. Comments can now be weighted to always go to the bottom of the ticket and/or not be printed on the customerís receipt.
bullet TRS Rules: Points can now automatically be zeroed if the customer does not return within a preset number of days. A rule can now be restricted to a day and time range. For example: Every Tuesday between 3PM and 5PM get 10% off your purchase.
bullet New cash drop feature. Allows you to move money from a cash drawer to a safe. An optional blinking icon can be configured to notify the clerk a cash drop is necessary. User-definable reports can be created in the Report Writer. A video surveillance "Search Point" entry is made for each cash drop.
bullet Menu Buttons can now display a user-definable graphic.
bullet Customer notes can now be viewed/updated in the PowerStation.
bullet On the Stock Status window, item description lines 2 and 3 are now displayed.
bullet Customer "display" feature. Easily show user-definable pictures to the customer during sales transactions.
bullet Option to set a maximum payment amount. For example: Up to $25 over the amount due.
bullet Option to now display "Cute Animals" in the upper left corner of the PowerStation screen. Over 100 adorable pictures! 
bullet Optional customer icons. Customer "types" can now be assigned an icon. An icon can be displayed during the sale highlighting "special" customers to the sales clerk. For example: A diamond could be displayed for all VIP customers.
bullet Integrated 24X7 video surveillance with Search Cues. Each TRS Video Agent can support up to six different Windows-based or IP-based cameras running simultaneously. During each point-of-sale transaction, the PowerStation is also sending key activities (Search Points) to the Video Agent. Rather than having to watch hours of video the Search Points allow you to queue up video snippets based on user-definable conditions. For example: Quickly watch video of each time a cash drawer is opened by a specific user, all cash transaction over $20, cash drops, price changes by a specific user, or all void transactions within a preset date range.
bullet TRS Picture Lab: Pictures can now be captured directly from a live video feed. A new select/crop option has also been added.
bullet Lock customer name. This option helps prevent the customerís name from accidentally being changed by a user.
bullet Integrated support for POSIFLEX USB cash drawers has been added to the PowerStation.
bullet Auto Picking Ticket. This new feature allows for a picking ticket to automatically be printed after a sale.
bullet Smartwaiver integration. Smartwaiver helps you convert your existing waiver into a fully customized, interactive waiver, then stores it in a secure, searchable WaiverVault. Smartwaiver offers a free app that converts most computers and mobile devices into a Smartwaiver Kiosk. Waivers can be filled out online or at the store and are automatically integrated into The Retail Solution.   

New Customers Features

bullet New bulk e-mail support. Easily create and batch-send emails to your customers/prospects. Supports e-mail integrated graphics and full HTML editing. The user-definable fields allow each e-mail to have personalized text. Also includes options to control what time the batch starts and pause frequency to help avoid being blacklisted as spam.
bullet A range of customers can now easily be deleted using Customer Global Update. For example, delete all customers who have not made any purchases in the last seven years.

New Accounting Features

bullet Enhanced Quick View. More information has been added to the Quick View screen including total gift card sales and layaway totals.
bullet Enhanced TRS Spread Creator.

New Report Writer Features

bullet New preview screen and Smart Print capabilities.
bullet Report conditions can now be based on user-definable lists. For example, stock number equal to any item on the list.
bullet Reports can now be compressed by week, month, or year.
bullet New sub-count feature. For example, a sub-count of all customers that purchased something on the same day.
bullet Support for blank, underline, line count and checkbox columns.
bullet Smart Page Break option instructs the Report Writer to advance to the next page after each subtotal.
bullet Frozen inventory data field allows you to show an itemís quantity on hand at a specific date.
bullet Option to remove duplicate items from a report. For example, customers with the same e-mail address.
bullet New Tag Row feature.  Easily select specific rows in a report.  Untagged rows can be removed from the report.  Tagged customer or inventory will automatically be loaded in Global Update.
bullet New report sources and fields have been added.

New Rentals Features (Add on-module)

bullet Rental notify option. When a user rents something by the hour, an optional audio and visual notification can now be displayed on the screen when that rental is past due. Rental hold after completion option. After a rental item has been returned, the rented item can automatically be placed in a "hold status" waiting to be cleaned, verified or reset for the next rental.

 Multi-Site FTP (Add on-module)

bullet Ability to omit specific departments from synchronizing inventory between stores. For example, if the store has a specific department that is not sold at any other store, that department can be set to not be synchronized.
bullet Inventory items can now have unique prices at each location.
bullet When searching for inventory items, the user-definable search list can now include the quantity-on-hand from other stores.
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