Bulk Email Support.

Easily create and batch-send e-mails to your customers/prospects. Supports e-mail integrated graphics and full HTML editing. The user-definable fields allow each e-mail to have personalized text. Also includes options to control what time the batch starts and pause frequency to help avoid being blacklisted as spam.


bullet Simply create a report using the Report Writer and include an e-mail address column.
bullet Use the Report Writer conditions to target a specific group of customers.
bullet Run the report and then select the e-mail Option.


bullet Emails can be text-based and/or include embedded graphics.
bullet Each column in your report can be included in your e-mail as a user-definable field.  For example: "Dear [CONTACT],". 
bullet The user-definable start time allows you determine when The Retail Solution will start sending your e-mail batch.
bullet The optional pause after a predefined number of e-mails are sent allows you to work within the parameters of your e-mail provider.  For example: Pause 5 minutes after sending 100 e-mails.
bullet Bottom left corner shows total e-mails to be sent.

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