24X7 Video Surveillance with Smart Cues!

Each TRS Video Agent can support up to six Windows-based or IP-based cameras running simultaneously. During each point-of-sale transaction, the PowerStation is sending key activities (Search Points) to the Video Agents. Rather than having to watch hours of video the Search Points allow you to queue up video snippets based on user-definable conditions. For example: Quickly watch video of each time a cash drawer is opened by a specific user, all cash transaction over $20, cash drops, price changes by a specific user or all void transactions within a preset date range. More Information!  

Special Order Feature
In The Retail Solution 12.0 our special order feature has been completely redesigned. Users can easily apply an optional percent discount to the order. Optional comments can now be added to every special order item, helping to ensure the customer gets exactly what they want. Items can now easily be substituted at any point during the order if necessary. Deposit tracking helps maintain a 50% deposit as special orders are partially filled. For additional security, a customer can be assigned a PIN number to be used when receiving items. If you have several locations and are using our Multi-Site product, special orders can be synchronized between stores. Items can be ordered and a deposit taken at one store, then picked up at another. User-definable reports can be created in The Report Writer to reconcile deposits and employee commissions between stores.
TRS Backup Agent
Unfortunately, a backup is one of those things you only think about when you need it -- and then itís usually too late! It can also be very challenging to get your crew to make consistent backups. TRS Backup Agent is a separate program that will automatically make a full backup of your Retail Solution data daily to an off-premises FTP site. If your computer crashes, or something happens to your store, you can still access important information such inventory values, customer information and A/R balances, etc. Completely restoring your data is as simple as just clicking a few buttons.  More Information! 
TRS Tablet
TRS Tablet is a new program for creating & receiving orders, counting inventory, viewing customer information and performing pre-sales operations. Its built-in touch keyboard and large buttons make it very easy to operate. TRS Tablet is optimized to run on any Windows-based tablet PC (for example a Dell Venue 11 Pro or a Microsoft Surface Pro 3.) Combined with a wired, wireless or an built-in barcode reader this solution will streamline many of your most tedious tasks. More Information!
Integrated Bulk Email

This new feature can be used to send a targeted mailing to your customers. For example, you might want to email a coupon to customers who have not made a purchase in the last 6 months. You can create your own customized format, including graphics. (We sent out this newsletter using the bulk email feature!) It's a great way to keep in touch with customers and increase sales, and saves you the cost of mailing out fliers via snail mail.  More Information!   

If your business requires customers to sign a liability waiver (for example, before participating in an activity or using a piece of equipment), this feature allows you the option to interface with Smartwaiver. Smartwaiver allows you to create your own digital waiver form which customers can fill in online. Smartwaiver tracks, manages and stores the waivers for you. You can view a customer's waiver status and details in the PowerStation. For more information, or to set up a Smartwaiver account, visit smartwaver.com, or call (800) 277-0285.

Smartwaiver and WaiverVault are trademarks of SW Development, LLC
Integrated Signature Capture
The Retail Solution now supports integrated electronic signature capture. Credit card sales, work orders, rentals, layaways, deliveries & quotes can now all be signed using an electronic signature device. Customer signatures will be stored on file and can be printed during the transaction. The signature device can be easily configured with user-definable text and/or graphics. We currently interface with both Topaz and Scriptel devices. More Information! 
Customer Display
By adding a second monitor to your point-of-sale system, you can display user-definable pictures to customers during sales transactions. You define each slide and the duration between slides. This is a great way to introduce your customers to other services you may offer and upcoming sales & events. 
Fast Login
Users can now login using an optional four-digit PIN number. The PIN number is defined on the bottom left of the Privileges tab at the Employee Information window. At the PowerStation, just enter your four-digit PIN in place of your login name.

Note: administrative privileges are suspended when logging in with a PIN.

PowerStation Tips & Tricks
  • To increase quantity of the last item by one, press the plus key.
  • To change the price of the last item, press the Esc key.
  • To discount the last item by a specific percent amount, press the space bar.
  • To insert an item between two other items, press the insert key.