Campgrounds, Cabins & Vacation Property
Reservation System
Each unit that can be reserved is defined as a resource.  An integrated matrix generator allows for creating a large number of resources very quickly.  For example, campsites 1 to 100.
Optional comments can be included for each resource.
Other details 1 & 2 are site specific information that will be displayed on the graphical view.
Option to specify what days of the week this resource is available.
Option to temporarily suspend this resource for maintenance or other reasons.
User-definable inventory option to select when making the reservation.  For example, RV2 references a Full Service Hookup.
The quantity can be a fixed number or based on the duration.  For example on a three night stay, RV2 will be charged 3 times.
Additional one-time or duration-based optional fees may also be listed.  For example, an extra car charge.
Optional confirmation number for reservations and for canceled reservations.  Confirmation number can easily be used to recall a current, future or past reservation at the point-of-sale.
Optional deposit can be a fixed dollar amount, first night's stay or first night plus deposit.
Balance can be paid when checking in or checking out.

Master Rate Schedule allows you to set the item/service price level based on a date range, weekday/weekend and/or holiday.

Drag-and-drop resource symbol (circle) onto a  background image. 

Reservation options can be added to user-definable Menu Buttons.
To select a range,  just click on the first and the last day.

Resources that are available for the date range selected, will be displayed as green circles. Resources that are not available or the date range selected (scheduled, restricted to certain days of the week, or closed for maintenance), will be displayed as black circles.
Moving the mouse over resource displays the resource name, detail information and availability. If not available, it will also show the reason.
The starting date can be changed by clicking on the calendar icon in the upper left-hand corner.  The duration can be changed using the drop-down list next to the calendar icon.   

Easily recall or add a new customer.
Integrated zip code database looks up city and state for new customers.
Optional reservation notes can be entered.
A quote for the total stay is displayed.
Authorized users can override nightly charges and optional deposits.

Optional deposit can be taken when the reservation is made.
Receipt can be e-mailed directly from the point-of-sale.

Check-in list sorts current day's reservations by last name or site.

A breakdown for each day is displayed on the invoice.  Note that Thursday's price is different than Friday and Saturday's. 
The optional prepaid deposit is automatically displayed as a credit to the invoice.
Additional items can be added to the sale before completion.

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