ODBC-Compliant Export

As Multi-Site FTP Enterprise Edition synchronizes data between stores, the export option can automatically maintain Microsoft Access-type files of key data.  This allows you to interface with any ODBC-compliant application.  Most export files also have a key index field.  For example, with inventory information you could use the key field to quickly look up an item at a specific location.  All files include fields for the store location name.


Sample File Description Sample File
The Ticket Entry file contains information for items sold at all stores. For example: stock number, description, vendor, department, item cost, selling price, customer name & address information, etc.


The G/L Transactions file contains journal entries for all stores. For example: account name, transaction date, debit/credit amounts, comments, etc.  This option can be used to interface with third-party accounting systems.      MSGLPOST.MDB
The Inventory Movement file contains all adjustments to inventory items for all stores, such as receiving orders, daily sales or manual adjustments.  For example,  Stock number, description, reason for change, quantity adjustment, cost adjustment, etc. INVMOVE.MDB
The Customers file contains all information stored for each customer.  For example, customer name, address, important dates, user definable information, etc. CUSTOMER.MDB