Multi-Site FTP

Multi-Site FTP uses the Internet to synchronize information between your locations. Data can be sent once a day at a specific time or throughout the day at specified intervals (from once per minute to once every 12 hours).  Whether you have two locations or thousands, Multi-Site FTP allows all your stores to work as a team. 


Uses standard FTP (File Transfer Protocol) with optional FTP firewall support to exchange information between stores.
Transferred information is encrypted for complete data security.
Option to send Email/text message notification if a transfer error occurs.
Runs in the background on one station in each store and all stores can send and receive information simultaneously.
At each location you specify which information is sent and received.  Options include: Inventory, customers, accounts receivable transactions, employees, vendors, departments, store-to-store email, gift cards, TRS rules,  and power buttons. 
Option to view current inventory quantity of an item at each store from the point-of-sale.
Intercompany stock transfers (ICST).  Easily track inventory transfers between stores. Screen
Status view. Quickly view the communication status for each of your locations.
Detailed transfer log.


Includes all the features of Multi-Site FTP Standard Edition plus additional features for centralized store management.
Additional information that can optionally be sent from each location: Daily sales totals, general ledger transactions, inventory movement, end-of-day reports, daily store backups, employee time cards, purchase orders and ticket information including each line item.  Detailed
Inventory Master Order. Option to create a master order of all items below minimum quantity at all locations. 
Multi-zone support. Allows you to exchange specific information between stores in a specified area.  For example, all information might be sent to the main store and just customers and inventory changes could be synchronized between stores within the same district.
Automatically maintains indexed Microsoft Access-type files of key data.  Allows you to interface with any ODBC-compliant application. Detailed 
Multi-Store Sales Totals reports. Detailed
Multi-Store Quick View allows you to view department sales, vendor sales, item sales, group inventory sales, taxes and ticket discounts for all stores on one screen.  Screens




Multi-Site FTP requires Internet access to an FTP server.  (Contact your Internet provider for more information.)

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