Retail POS Software - The Retail Solution Membership Card Printing Software
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Easy drag-and-drop user-definable card layout.
Each station can have a different card layout.
Take the customer's picture and print the card, all from the point-of-sale.
Full support of all Windows-based printers.  From a simple color Inkjet to a complete color ID card printer.
Specify default expiration dates from 1 month to 5 years.
Optional integrated support with The Retail Solution membership tracking feature.
Optional integrated support with The Retail Solution discount code feature.  When printing the card, you can select which discount code batch you wish to use.  The next available discount code will be printed on the card and assigned the customer.
From the start of new sale or any time during a sale, just scan the card and the optional discount will be activated and the customer's information will be displayed.