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Sales Management Module
One key to long-term success in today's increasingly competitive marketplace is the effective tracking and managing of incoming sales leads.  A simple follow-up phone call or email will not only dramatically increase your chance of getting the sale but also of gaining a new ongoing customer.  Keeping track of sales leads in your head or even on paper would be like trying to manage your inventory the same way.  Itís a perfect job for The Sales Management Module of The Retail Solution.  Notes, email, quotes, important dates, past invoices and more all viewed from one screen.  When the prospect says "call me back next week", let The Retail Solution not only keep track of it, but give you the tools to ensure that it gets done. Watch your sales increase with this powerful add-on-module.
Each customer is assigned a customer type and you choose which types you wish Sales Management to track.

User-definable list of action tasks.

Leads that currently need your attention can easily be searched by task name or type (call, email or snail mail).

Ongoing word processor-style notes with integrated spelling checker.

Integrated email support. Save time with user-definable email templates.

Email & quotes Hotlinks: Easily view past emails or quotes by clicking the link in the customer's notes.

After completing a sales task, update your notes and then set the next action and date.  The "Next" button automatically saves all information for your current lead and brings up the next lead with your current search criteria.  

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