The Retail Solution Web Store is a product that makes it easy for users of The Retail Solution to sell their products on the Internet. Web Store is not just a shopping cart program; it is completely integrated with The Retail Solution. Using your current inventory with optional pictures and additional product descriptions, Web Store creates your Internet shopping cart category pages. The pages (HTML files) are then automatically sent to your web site. Customers can view your products and/or services by category or search for any item by stock number, description or other lookup. Up-to-the-minute stock availability is clearly displayed, and items can be purchased on-line. User-definable shipping charges are automatically computed using total weight, total item count or total amount. As soon as the customer completes the order, Web Store sends notification to one or more of your PowerStation (point-of-sale) stations. The sales clerk then fills and ships the order. Backordered or special order items are no problem. Web orders can be split into multiple shipments with the total shipping charge paid on the first shipment. Customer can also view order status on-line with a link to the shipper’s web page for tracking information. 


bullet Completely integrated with The Retail Solution.
bullet Support for item picture and expanded description.
bullet Integrated PayPal payment support.
bullet Inventory Matrix Support. (Ask size/color option.)
bullet Each category can have its own price level.
bullet For faster loading, category pages can automatically be split into multiple sub-pages.
bullet Category pages can automatically be updated via FTP.
bullet Customers can search by stock number, description or other lookup.
bullet Up-to-the-minute stock availability information.
bullet Automatically charges tax for in-state orders.
bullet Automatically computes shipping charges based on total ticket, item count or weight.
bullet Automatic notification of new web orders.
bullet Back order and special order support. Web orders can be split into multiple shipments with the total shipping charge paid on first shipment.
bullet Web layout and shopping cart screens are completely user-definable.


Web Store Sample Screens

 Web Store Setup 1  Enter your internet host information.
 Web Store Setup 2  Set up categories for your web merchandise.
 Web Store Setup 3  Customize your web checkout screen.
 Web Update Log  Tracks changes made to your web inventory.
 Sample Web Page  Category page created by Web Store.
 Shopping Cart  After adding item to cart.
 Check Out 1  Web customer enters name and shipping information.
 Check Out 2  Web customer enters payment information.
 Complete Sale  Order confirmation screen.
 Web Order at POS  View all open web orders.
 Fill Web Order   Completing a web order.

 Web Store requires an ADSL, DSL, Cable, T1 or any other 64K or greater full-time connection to the Internet.