bullet Work Orders. Start a job, enter detailed notes, take an optional deposit, assign it to an employee, print a user-definable work order, do the work and then complete the sale. Status history is tracked throughout the process.  Screen
bullet Customer tracked items. Store user-definable information about a customerís item. For example, next service date, warranty dates, replacement and repair information, notes and more. Customer tracked items are also available to the Report Writer.
bullet Service tags with multiple part serial number tracking. Directly interfaces with customer tracked items. You can also look up a work order using any service tag reference.
bullet Delivery option with Microsoft MapPoint integration. Select multiple orders and print an optimized route map.  Screen
bullet Work order notes can automatically be transferred to customer notes when the work order has been completed. You now can easily view a detailed log of all services performed for a specific customer.
bullet Track items serviced and parts/labor used on an order.
bullet Interface with Microsoft MapPoint to create a delivery route.