bullet Each rental item can reference up to thirty serialized items.   Screen
bullet Cost, total income, next service date, current customer, last customer, and current status are tracked for each serialized item.
bullet Each rental item can have up to ten different rent durations using hours, days, weeks and years. Example: 1 to 4 hours, 1 to 3 days or 1 to 2 weeks.
bullet Each rent duration can be priced as a per unit charge or a total flat rate charge. Example: 1 to 4 hours priced at $5.95 per hour or 1 to 4 hours for $25.00 total.  Screen  
bullet Each rent duration can have a minimum rent time. Example: 2 hour minimum.
bullet Each rent duration can have up to three price levels based on date range or day-of-the-week. Example: Rental price could automatically increase during the summer or decrease for the Tuesday special.  Screen
bullet At point-of-sales, look up a rental item using the main rental stock number, barcode, description, or other lookup, or using the individual item serial number.
bullet Return date/time is automatically computed and printed on the customerís rental invoice or receipt.  Screen
bullet When completing a rental sale, an optional security deposit will be requested.
bullet Option for designated employees to sell rental items at point-of-sale. Specify the number of times an individual serialized item must be rented before it can be sold.
bullet A parts list has been added for each rental item.
bullet A rental can be returned by entering or scanning the rented itemís serial number or by selecting it from a list of items rented to a specific customer.
bullet An optional late fee is automatically computed using the rent duration/price list for the item.
bullet Quick Copy. Use a Smart Ditto button in your Power Menu to quickly rent the same item again. For example, two adults renting a scuba tank. For the second adult, press 1 button and then select the serial number from the list. All settings from the previous rental would be applied.
bullet Rent-to-own feature. User-definable set up fee, period before first payment, payment amount, duration, rental fees, pay off balance and more. Using integrated credit card support, you can batch process all weekly, biweekly, or monthly rent-to-own payments from one screen. Detail