Point-of-Sales Video
This video overview introduces The Retail Solution's point-of-sales features including walking through a sample transaction. (10 minutes)
bullet Touch screen and light pen support. Optional "mouse-free" operation.
bullet Drag-and-drop receipt layout.  
bullet Training mode: Easily train employees without affecting your live data.
bullet Smart coupons. Option to print coupons at the bottom of the customer's receipt. Coupons can be printed randomly, or based on items the customer did or did not purchase. 
bullet Integrated time clock. Computes total daily break time and deducts excess from pay.
bullet Layaway tracking. Supports multiple layaways per customer.
bullet Stored quotes can easily become a work order or sale.
bullet Add-on sale recommendations. (Batteries, paper, ribbon, etc.)
bullet Automatic lookup of city and state from zip code.
bullet One key cash out option.
bullet Invoices and picking tickets can be printed or faxed.
bullet Auto restore option allows you to recover a ticket-in-progress after a power outage or system failure.
bullet E-Receipts. Send your customer a user-definable receipt via the Internet. 
bullet Customer photographs can be scanned or captured at point-of-sale
bullet Automatic or optional add-on sales. (Core charges, installation, deposits, etc.)
bullet Bad check tracking.
bullet Offers out-of-stock item substitution suggestion.
bullet Option to graphically view an itemís location in your store. 
bullet Power Button Menu with up to 100 user-definable buttons. A button can be used to show an inventory item, a kit, a comment or another Power Button Menu. During a sale, access 10,000 items with just three button clicks.




Integrated 24X7 video surveillance with Search Cues. Each TRS Video Agent can support up to six different Windows-based or IP-based cameras running simultaneously. During each point-of-sale transaction, the PowerStation is also sending key activities (Search Points) to the Video Agent. Rather than having to watch hours of video the Search Points allow you to queue up video snippets based on user-definable conditions. For example: Quickly watch video of each time a cash drawer is opened by a specific user, all cash transaction over $20, cash drops, price changes by a specific user, or all void transactions within a preset date range.
bullet Computed item. Easily discount the last item, highest priced item, entire department or the entire ticket by a preset percentage amount.
bullet Serialized gift certificate card tracking.
bullet Option to store payment information for a hold ticket.
bullet Export/Import tickets. For example: Ring up sales at a show or temporary location and add them to the dayís sales at your main store.
bullet Credit card software integration: Mercury  Payment Systems & X-Charge.
bullet Integrated debit card support with optional cash back.
bullet Credit card information is encrypted to comply with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standards.
bullet Ability to recall a past sales ticket by the serial number of an item on the ticket. 
bullet Computes and tracks employee commissions. 
bullet Inventory/Customer tax matrix. Supports multiple customer/inventory tax types.
bullet Tracks special orders with optional deposit. Reminds you to order the item and prints the customerís name and phone number on the receiving report.
bullet Print membership/discount cards with optional customer picture. 
bullet Power Windows: User-definable forms that prompt employees to select from predetermined options to create a package.
bullet RMA Tracking.
bullet Supports foreign currency. Automatically computes exchange amount.
bullet TRS Rules user-definable discount option. For example: Buy 2 and get 1 at 50% off.   
bullet Option to view customer purchase history and select item(s) to add to current sale.
bullet Supports user-definable discount codes.   
bullet Option to Quick Add an item at point-of-sale using minimal information.
bullet Gift Registry tracking.   
bullet Recurring accounts receivable or credit card charges. Just set up the first charge sale and indicate when to repeat (every week, month, or year) and for how long.
bullet Option to view detailed sales information from an itemís serial number.
bullet POS plus/minus key feature. After entering or scanning an item, press the plus/minus keys to quickly change the quantity sold.
bullet Option to display an analog clock at POS.
bullet A/R Smart Print Option. Automatically print a receipt on non-A/R sales and an invoice on A/R sales. This feature also allows you to automatically print an extra invoice on A/R sales only.
bullet Preset & user-definable color themes. Fire, Green Forest, Blue Sky, Traditional or create your own theme! Let your POS screen reflect your storeís personality. 
bullet Menu Buttons. Supports up to 18 user-definable buttons. Buttons now have two separate groups: Pre-sales & during the sale. Buttons can now access several Retail Solution functions. For example, re-print the last ticket, start a sale with a preset customer or ditto the last item. Customize button colors or add graphics.
bullet Option to apply a percentage of the deposit when a customer picks up a partial special order.
bullet Enhanced picture support.  All five inventory item pictures are available to the picture window.  Pictures can auto load as items are scanned.
bullet Hardware Setup Wizard makes setting up a new POS station easer than ever.
bullet Option to display inspirational Bible verses in the picture window.
bullet Stock Status screen. Shows full vendor's name, QTY on order, QTY on backorder and more. View the vendorís website with just one keystroke. You can also add or edit pictures using the new TRS Picture Lab.
bullet Tip option. Activates when purchasing a designated tip item. For example, salon services or dog grooming. The Retail Solution receives a credit card preauthorization, prints a predefined tip receipt, waits for the tip amount and then settles the credit card transaction with the tip. A tip report can easily be printed using the Report Writer.
bullet Backup printer option. If your primary receipt printer is out of paper or off-line, the receipt will automatically be printed on an alternate receipt printer.
bullet Smart Receipt feature. Specify, by station, what gets printed based on the payment type used to complete the sale. For example, an AR sale at the front register may print an invoice, but the back station may send an e-receipt. Set up to 3 different receipt options for each payment type. You can also set the minimum dollar amount for a credit card signature receipt to be printed.
bullet Auto sort invoice. Before printing the receipt or an invoice the sale can now be pre-sorted, making it much easier to locate items on the receipt.
bullet Users can login using an optional four-digit pin number.
bullet Support for integrated electronic signature capture. Credit card sales, work orders, rentals, layaways, deliveries & quotes can now all be signed using an electronic signature device. Customer signatures will be stored on file and can be printed during the transaction. The signature device can be easily configured with user-definable text and/or graphics.
bullet Special Orders. Optional percent discount. Easily add comments to each item. Easily substitute items if necessary. Deposit tracking helps maintain a 50% deposit as special orders are partially filled. Additional security feature can easily be activated on any order requiring a pin number to be used when receiving items. Multi-Site: Special Orders can be synchronized between stores. Items can be ordered and a deposit taken at one store, then picked up at another. User-Definable reports can be created in The Report Writer to reconcile deposits and employee commissions between stores.
bullet Support for No penny (Canadian rounding). Sales are automatically rounded to the nearest nickel for all cash transactions. The rounded amount is recorded for correct balancing during the "Close Drawer" procedure.
bullet Return verification option. The Retail Solution can now verify that an item has been sold within a preset number of days. You will also be notified if it was sold for less than the current return amount. During a return the clerk will now also be asked if the item(s) are damaged can be returned to stock. User-definable reports of damaged item information can be created using the Report Writer.
  Smart comments. Point of sale comment lines are now automatically linked to the item above and will stay with the item even if the ticket is sorted. Comments can now be weighted to always go to the bottom of the ticket and/or not be printed on the customerís receipt.
bullet Cash drop feature. Allows you to move money from a cash drawer to a safe. An optional blinking icon can be configured to notify the clerk a cash drop is necessary. User-definable reports can be created in the Report Writer. A video surveillance "Search Point" entry is made for each cash drop.
bullet Customer "display" feature. Easily show user-definable pictures to the customer during sales transactions.
  Option to now display "Cute Animals" in the upper left corner of the PowerStation screen. Over 100 adorable pictures! 
bullet Smartwaiver integration. Smartwaiver helps you convert your existing waiver into a fully customized, interactive waiver, then stores it in a secure, searchable WaiverVault. Smartwaiver offers a free app that converts most computers and mobile devices into a Smartwaiver Kiosk. Waivers can be filled out online or at the store and are automatically integrated into The Retail Solution.