Inventory Control Video
This video overview introduces The Retail Solution's inventory control features including kits, Data Import Wizard and Global Update. (9 minutes)



bullet Item stock number and vendor stock number can be up to 20 characters.
bullet Warehouse quantity, serial number & lot tracking. Each inventory item can have both a quantity on the floor and a quantity at the warehouse. Inventory can easily be manually transferred between floor and warehouse or automatically transferred as needed. Optional serial number and lot reference tracking are available for both floor and warehouse items. Each lot reference tracks the date received, PO number and optional expiration date. 
bullet Up to ten barcodes per item. 
bullet Eight-level pricing for both regular and sale prices. 
bullet Up to three description lines per items. Search for an items using any part of the description.
bullet Up to 5 inventory pictures can be stored per item and displayed at point-of-sale at the Stock Status window.
bullet Select, dynamic, static and tracked inventory kits. A Select kit is a list of related items from which the user can select at point-of-sale. A Dynamic kit has a preset list of components which are deducted from inventory at the time of the sale. The kit can be edited and substitute items entered at point-of-sale. A Static kit is an inventory item made up of a group of other inventory items. When the kit item is assembled, quantity-on-hand for the kit item is increased, and quantity-on-hand for each component item is decreased. A tracked kit is a Static kit with serial/lot number tracking for the kit and/or its components.
bullet User-definable inventory data. You now have up to 10 fields and each field can be formatted as text, date, currency, number, check box or predefined drop-down list.
bullet Detailed sales history and inventory movement per items.
bullet X for Y pricing.  For example, 3/$1.00
bullet Two age verification options are available for inventory items.  A date will be requested when this item is sold.
bullet Two license verification options are available for inventory items. A license number will be requested when this item is sold.
bullet Tracks both average and last cost.
bullet Tracks floor & warehouse bin locations for each inventory item.
bullet Ask Unit option. At point-of-sale you are prompted to select from a user-definable unit size. Each unit size can have a different retail price. Example: Each, 6-pack, 12-pack, 24-pack etc.
bullet Shipping item. Auto compute shipping charges based on total ticket, item count or weight.
bullet Option to specify frequent buyer points per inventory item. Frequent buyer points can be computed using TRS Rules or a fixed number of points can be assigned to an inventory item.
bullet User-definable search window. For example: Display all toys for girls age 5+ that are priced under $25, on sale, and have quantity on hand that is greater than zero.  
bullet User-definable inventory search results. Choose which fields are displayed when an item search returns multiple items.
bullet Ditto button for quick entry of similar items.
bullet Optional support of three decimal places for cost and retail prices.
bullet Scheduled price changes. Use Global Update to quickly enter hundreds of inventory price changes to take place on a specified date.
bullet 3D inventory matrix. The matrix generator now has three user-definable dimensions (Example: SIZE, COLOR & WIDTH). 
bullet The Inventory Manager uses advanced inventory forecasting models to compute optimized min/max settings for each inventory item. Includes support for new seasonal items. 
bullet Integrated consignment support.   

Graphical view of store traffic patterns to facilitate improved product placement.

bullet Global update. Make changes to inventory items using a standard spreadsheet screen.
bullet Master Order - Groups special orders, Web Store orders and items below minimum all on one screen. Option to change cost, order QTY, and current vendor from a pull-down list. A fast and easy way to handle all of your orders.
bullet Integrated E-mail Purchase Order support. 
bullet Unlimited vendors per inventory item.
bullet Eight-level cost breaks per vendor/inventory item.
  Integrated E-mail Purchase Order support.
bullet Inventory recommended min/max values can be set quarterly or monthly.
bullet Smart Round feature. Automatically rounds a price level using preset user-definable price ranges. Example: $19.43 is automatically rounded to $19.49 but $1.34 would be rounded to $1.35.
bullet Automatic retail pricing option. Option to set one or more of the eight price levels, for a specific item, to be automatically recalculated when item cost is updated.
bullet Average cost supports the last 5 or last 10 cost changes. Also includes the order date and vendor for each change.
bullet Option to set an inventory item to always ask for the quantity at POS.
bullet Enhanced Inventory Movement. Drill down feature allows you to view all customers that purchased the item. You can even drill down further to view the actual ticket.
bullet Inventory buy X get Y option. Example: Buy 3 get 1 free or Buy 2 and get up to the next 5 at price level 3. This feature also supports buy X quantity at a reduced price. For example, only the first 3 are 20% off retail.
bullet Edit an entire inventory matrix simply by making a change to the matrix header.
bullet Vendor graph showing average sales and statistical trends to help negotiate better deals. 
bullet Global Update. Loads faster, auto expands to your screen size, more filters, more fields and now supports simultaneous network access. The new user template feature allows you to quickly change viewed columns and the filters. The new right-click feature includes Column Search and Web Search. Column Search allows a user to scan any column for an item.  Web Search allows you to quickly search for an item online using a predefined website.
bullet Inventory Manager. Automatically compute min/max levels using enhanced forecasting models.
bullet Enhanced Create Order screen. Larger screen format. Tabs have been eliminated. The information you need to create an order, including an optional sales history graph, is now all on one screen. 
bullet Enhanced Receive Order screen. Larger screen format. Tabs have been eliminated. The information you need to properly receive an order is now all on one screen. Screen
bullet Enhanced price & barcode label printing features. More fields have been added and the label design area has been expanded. Labels can now be exported to Excel, XML & CSV file formats. 
bullet Trade-in feature. Up to four different trade-in values based on product condition are displayed. Each trade-in value is automatically calculated based on the percentage of the original retail. Optional trade-in charges can be selected at the point-of-sale. Computes trade-in tax credit. Option to set percent of trade-in value that must be used or given as store credit. Current quantity on hand of the trade-in item is displayed. Option to hold trade-in item for verification before adding to inventory. Option to print barcode for trade-in item.
bullet Global sale prices by department now includes sub-departments and Smart Round.
bullet Optional web-based auto description lookup using just the UPC or ISBN number when adding new items. 
bullet Optional web-based item picture search.  
bullet Optimized price margins. Define target and minimum margin values for each department and price level. Warnings are displayed when item price changes do not maintain the preset margins.
bullet User-definable inventory data profiles. Unique headers/data types for each department. For example, one set of user-definable data for all your "toy" items and a different set of information for all your "clothing" items.
bullet Markdown Tracking. Whenever an itemís price is permanently reduced, TRS will automatically track the extended amount as a markdown. For example, if you reduce a shirtís price from $10 to $9 and you have two shirts on hand, the change is recorded as a $2 markdown. Reports of all markdowns can be created using The Report Writer.
bullet Progressive Discounts. Customers can be assigned progressive discount levels that depend on the amount of total purchases over a period of months. The system automatically calculates and applies the discount levels. The Report Writer can be used to create a report of all Progressive Discount changes.
bullet Global Warehouse transfer. Easily transfer items to and from the warehouse. 
bullet TRS Tablet is a new program for creating orders, receiving orders and counting your inventory. Itís optimized to run on a Windows-based tablet PC.