Customer Information Video
This video overview introduces The Retail Solution's customer tracking features including price levels, frequent buyer points, store credit, marketing, membership & count tracking, accounts receivable, customer track items and more. (9 minutes)
bullet Up to eight customer price levels. 
bullet Option to store customer’s picture.
bullet Tracks purchases made by each customer, including serial numbers, warranties, and layaways.
bullet Option to track store credit balance for each customer.
bullet Store birthday and anniversary dates plus ten user-definable notes fields. This information can be used to create targeted mailings.
bullet Tracks up to 10 different memberships per customer.
bullet Tracks up to 10 different counts per customer. (Tanning sessions, meal counts, etc.) Can also be used with TRS Rules, for example: “Buy 10 bags, get the 11th free”. The “use count” item can also have an optional price, which will automatically charged if the customer’s current count is zero. For example, if a customer is out of tanning sessions, the retail price for the tan will be charged.
bullet Option to create custom mailing labels using drag-and-drop.
bullet Global Customer Update. View and edit customer information in a spreadsheet format.
bullet 10 user-definable data can formatted as; text, date, currency, number & check box.
bullet New bulk e-mail support. Easily create and batch-send emails to your customers/prospects. Supports e-mail integrated graphics and full HTML editing. The user-definable fields allow each e-mail to have personalized text. Also includes options to control what time the batch starts and pause frequency to help avoid being blacklisted as spam.
bullet Option to combine customers. Past sales, layaways, accounts receivable, points, store credit and more will be combined into one account.