Employee Scheduling 

"Can I have next Sunday off?"
"I can only be here until three o’clock all next week!"
"Two months from now, I need Tuesday and Wednesday off."

Sound familiar? Our integrated employee scheduling feature can automatically generate a complete work schedule based on employee availability and staffing requirements.

Allows you to assign each employee to a primary and secondary user-definable job department.
Stores employee availability hours for each day of the week. 
Stores maximum daily and weekly hours per employee, and allows you to assign each employee a priority level for receiving preset hours.
Allows employees to submit requests for schedule changes which can be viewed and approved by the manager.  Sample Screen
Allows you to create a drag-and-drop schedule template diagramming the tasks needed for each user-definable job department in a typical week. For each task, you can specify the number of employees needed during the time slot and list of people/departments qualified to perform the job.  Sample Screen
Allows you to auto-generate a complete work schedule based on your template and employee availability for up to four weeks in advance.  Sample Screen
Allows you to view or print an hourly, daily or weekly schedule.  Color coding shows store hours and employee availability. 
Displays total weekly scheduled hours for each employee, work department or all employees.

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