Retail POS Software - The Retail Solution

Multi-Site FTP Store-to-Store Transfers

Transferring inventory between stores has never been easier. You start with a list of items to transfer. The list can come from an accumulation of all items received on previous orders or you can easily create your own list, for example: All items from a particular department or vendor.  To balance inventory between stores you can also specify items at any location that are below current minimum quantify levels.  Additional items can be added to the list by just entering the stock number, scanning a barcode, or searching by description.

Once you have a list of items to transfer, The Retail Solution displays current quantity-on-hand for each item at each location.  Color-coding is used to help you focus on locations that may need a quantity adjustment.  A light yellow background shows quantity-on-hand is within ten percent of the current minimum level.  A light red background shows quantity-on-hand is below current minimum level.  A light green highlight on the stock number and description shows the current item you are changing.  As you move the highlighter to a different item and/or location, detailed information including a sales history graph is displayed on the bottom of the screen.

The [+] and [-] key can be used to increase or decrease the quantity at any location. In the above sample screen the The Dalles Center location is in need of some Talking Bart Simpson dolls.  We would just move the highlighter to that item (3) and corresponding location code (TDC) on the screen. The current quantity available is 16.  As shown on the bottom of the sample screen, the minimum quantity for that location is 17. To transfer 2 items, we could press the [+] key twice, type "2" and then press the [+] key, or just type in a new quantity of "18" and let The Retail Solution automatically compute the transfer quantity.  After the change, the quantity from the original location would also be reduced by the transfer amount.  The cell for this location and the TDC location would also have a red dot in the upper right corner showing that a quantity change has been made. You can easily print, save (to work on later) or post your transfers for shipment.  

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